Key Factors For Fitness Website Design

by admin on November 3, 2010

I have owned and operated a number of fitness centers over the past 20 years and although the basic business model still remains the same there have been a number of changes that we need to pay attention to.  Most notably marketing tactics and the shift towards internet marketing in The New Economy World that we have now entered.  Throw in the fact that there seems to be a fitness center popping up on every corner in every major city,  the competition is getting fierce.  Fitness centers need every advantage they can get while trying to capture a piece of their local market share.  Google is now playing a bigger role then ever in how customers are finding you and this is and will affect your business.  You need an online presence!  Fitness website design is critical.  Blogging, PPC advertising, Banner advertising, Local SEO, Website SEO, and Email Marketing need to become part of your vocabulary.

Questions to ask yourself about your fitness website design.

1)    Does your fitness website design integrate social media strategy?
2)    Does your fitness website have blogging capabilities?
3)    Are you using an email marketing system to build a list?
4)    Does your website design have clear calls to action?
5)    Does your fitness website design funnel customers to where you want them to go?

If you answered no to any of these questions then you need to pay attention.  Your competition is a new generation of adults that have all of these skills from childhood.  They are entering the work force now and will soon own that gym right down the street from you.  Do something about it!

Organize your local data.
Google, yahoo, and bing all have local business centers that you will need to set up and claim your business.  There are also an number of  IYP’s Internet yellow pages that you can list your business with.  These will be essential to you being found on local searches.

PPC advertising for your fitness website.

Advertising on google is essential in branding your business online as well as getting new customers in a highly targeted fashion.  In addition you will be driving traffic to your fitness website and building your list for email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing for your fitness website.

Your fitness website design should include the use of an opt in box so you can build a list of prospective customers and keep in touch with those customers using an email marketing system like aweber or constant contact.  This is now an essential part of your online marketing campaign.

Blogging and video marketing your fitness website.

Google loves to see new fresh pertinent content added to your website.  Blogging about topics in your niche will give you better rankings and bring you more traffic.  Video is one of the most powerful ways to be found on the internet and can easily be integrated into your blog.  Having a blog attached to your fitness website is now mandatory for online success.

The Big Picture
The main point here is don’t wait any longer.  Pay attention to what is changing in today’s online dominated marketing strategies.  These things take time and the sooner you take action the better off you will be in a year from now.  There are many factors not even discussed today that will play a role in your fitness website design but the most important thing to understand is that they all work together for a greater cause.  The more content you put together the more powerful you will be.

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Mike Singer


The New Economy Business Model

The New Economy Is Here.
We are in the midst of a massive shift.  A global economic awakening.  Old school models quickly being taken over by new school business strategies.  Technology is evolving so quickly, if you understand it than it is already obsolete.  The customer is in the driver seat with the entire world at their fingertips.  “It is not the big that eats the small but rather the fast that eats the slow.”  Innovation is the driving factor evolving the New Economy Entrepreneur.

The world is Wired
The internet is the primary reason for this shift.  No longer do we have geographic constraints.  A business team may be located all over the globe yet working efficiently.  A smaller core group of employees with the ability to outsource to other businesses.  Customers form every continent The New Economy is evolving and the business model that results is still in flux.

The New Economy Entrepreneur.

In every recession great minds find a solution.  Entrepreneurs emerge.  Most of the well known billionaires today started their business in a recession.  Technology has enabled us to easily find a niche.  Building a brand is simpler.  Opening a web based store can be done in hours.  Getting payment has more options than ever before.  It’s never been easier to find and manage a global team, reach out to customers, and promote your business with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, podcasts, blogs, ebooks, or photos.  Owning and running your own business has never been this available so quit thinking about it and go for it.  Taking action now is critical if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Page One Blog Designs The New Economy Solution.

So now what?  Page One Blog Designs is not just a website/blogsite design firm with a highly experienced creative team.  We don’t just brand you on the internet and teach you social media strategies.  We don’t just show you how to use PPC advertising and lead capture page design.  We don’t just teach article marketing, banner advertising, on page SEO, blog techniques, high conversion opt in strategies and email marketing strategies.  WE HAND YOU THE KEYS TO YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE BUSINESS with the full support of our team in a joint venture with YOU INC.  This is the missing piece of the puzzle.  Everyone is learning the skills to market online but they don’t own their own business.  We hand you the keys to your very own business with a team to back you up every step of the way.  Call us today to schedule a live demo.

Your Partner In The New Economy,

Mike Singer