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Do you want to take your business to page one?

Page One Blog Designs takes pride in being your one stop shop for wordpress blog solutions. Our strategy is to employ Search engine, social media, and web 2.0 marketing strategies. We want to be your partner in today’s competitive online world to give you the advantage you need by implementing these cutting-edge marketing techniques. Lets face it, having a beautiful site has little to do with being on page one of the search engines for the keywords you are targeting. If you are not on page one then you are not making money.

Business models have changed dramatically over the past 2 years when it comes to communicating and satisfying past, present, and future customers.

We like to say either evolve or revolve. Technology is evolving and so has the web design industry. Using old school web design can and will negatively effect your companies ability to remain profitable.

“If you build it they will come” no longer applies to websites and blog sites if you expect to generate any traffic to your site that is specific to your niche.

Our team of skilled marketing strategists will tweak your site into a laser targeted lead magnet and brand your business at the same time.

Page one does not just deliver you a product without the proper training. We offer online training solutions that will teach you how to get ranked organically. This drives traffic and we all know that traffic equals money.

So what is the solution?

High conversion sites are what really matters. Page one blog designs has taken a different approach to delivering your business the ultimate solution.

It all starts with self hosted sites. Businesses from around the globe are switching to this platform to streamline their income producing capabilities.

Why WordPress is the future

  • Both user and web developer will enjoy the flexibility of wordpress.
  • WordPress will save your company money with it’s content management system.
  • WordPress offers a wide variety of plug-ins and widgets allowing the user to further customize their site.

So whats the big deal.

This gives the unskilled user the power to edit content, text, and videos in ways that did not exist until now.

The unskilled user can now perform SEO strategies that will allow for better search engine rankings with little understanding of Search Engine Optimization. The end result is saving you and your business money.

Search engines love to see new relevant content on a consistent basis and wordpress is the solution for the unskilled user have the ability to take control of google and alexa rankings that contribute towards being indexed and thus help with visibility.

Page One for small business

Your first consultation is free so don’t hesitate to call us. We would like to discuss how we can take your business to the next level with our high conversion word press themes that usually involve thesis. Widely considered the most powerful theme wordpress has to offer.

Our team will start by discussing a marketing strategy specifically designed for your business.

We recognize that most people do not have knowledge of all of these marketing techniques and here at page one blog designs, giving you the full picture and basic understanding of these concepts is our #1 priority.

Before we begin your project, you will be given a full demonstration of how a well designed marketing funnel can dramatically increase the revenue of your small business.

Page one blog designs will be your partner, providing you with all the tools necessary to succeed online.

Ask for a live demo. We’ll show you what we can do to help you generate more profit today!

Page One Blog Designs is a true one-stop solution provider
for your entire online presence needs.

  • WordPress Blog and WordPress Website Design – We have WordPress down to a science!
  • Standard Website Design – For those that want standard site designs not done in WordPress.
  • Database Development – Our team has over two decades of Enterprise level experience.
  • Software Development – If you can think of it, we can build it. Best prices in the industry!
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Designs – Call our team for details. 15 years experience.
  • Web Hosting – Our team is partnered with one of the most advanced and secure providers.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing best practices that get you seen, not kicked off search engines.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization strategies that pull rank, not red flags.
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing, maintenance and formal training classes.
  • PPC – Pay-Per-Click setup and maintenance. This service requires one-on-one consultation.
  • Landing Page/Lead Capture Page/Squeeze Page Design – This is an Art, and a profit magnet.
  • Custom Logo Designs – Our graphic designers understand marketing and design theory.
  • Ad Copy Assistance – Let our team of professional copywriters lend you a hand.
  • Digital Marketing Software – Our famous MyBusinessBuilderPro syndication marketing software.
  • Online Marketing Training University – Free Online Marketing classes every week.

Page one blog designs offers ready made wordpress blog solutions with our highly experienced team holding your hand every step of the way. Its like a pre built business.

  • We will hand pick the most qualified marketing specialist on our team to head up your project and give you one on one time with our design team.
  • Next we implement a multi-phase proven design layout process for your approval.
  • A little one on one time with our highly effective marketing team to determine how you will posture your business and start branding your entity.
  • Strategic advice on email marketing.
  • Free installation of google analytics.
  • Maybe the most valuable service we offer is absolutely free. Live weekly trainings on the in’s and out’s of the latest social media strategies, PPC advertising, forum and article marketing, and video marketing lead by some of the most knowledgeable players in the industry.

    Pricing is done on a personal case by case basis because there are no two businesses alike.

    Guarantee your success with your very own PRE BUILT BUSINESS
    Success is inevitable when we become your very own team.
    Please contact us for more information about this unique one of a kind offer.

    Schedule a live demo today just call 305-232-7900